About This Game

THE 41 NIGHTMARES OF HILBERT HIGH is a Chronicles of Darkness roleplaying game set in a town called Poe’s Crossing. The beginning of the Chronicle uses content from the SAS module “The New Kid” but heavily expanded and adapted to be set in a high school. Within a certain amount of adventures the PC’s will become SLEEPWALKERS and then AWAKEN transitioning the chronicle to a Mage: The Awakening 2nd edition.

With no Orders to give these kids guidance and a town full of horrors surrounding them. Will you have the courage to survive?

Character Creation

Standard Character Creation Rules from the Chronicles of Darkness Core Rulebook or the God Machine Update to the first edition of World of Darkness. Stipulations are your character is a high school student and is unlikely to have knowledge a high school student couldn’t have so you aren’t going to have military training and an assault rifle or anything.

For your background, after telling me about your personality, I will assign your character to having been naturally born or raised by one of the local families of Poe’s crossing and you will get some info about your parents. Like in real life, you don’t get to pick your parents and managing your relationship with your parents could be essential to getting to go out and adventure.

The last stipulation is that your character should have a personality that has at least some curiosity so that you don’t run and hide when the call comes. You’re after all the meddling kids in this story.

The 41 Nightmares of Hilbert High

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