The 41 Nightmares of Hilbert High

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The Nightmares Begin

Dhaaril, Albert and B.B. the heroes of this story were riding along on their daily commute to school. They were good kids and had all made sure their homework was done the night before.

Dhaaril was an adoptee from Somalia. She always had an air of mystery about her and her strange behaviors were off putting to some. That’s because she had a spiritual connection to some powerful allies, voices in her mind that would sometimes talk to her.

Her adoptive brother Albert, ever protective of her was on the path to reforming his young life. He had been a difficult child, always getting into trouble but this year was going to turn over a new leaf.

Bobby or “B.B.” to everyone else was the most talented athlete on the football team, having run a mile in just over 4 minutes but struggled to have his talent recognized.

And then there was Bradley.

The bus pulled up upon it, the murder house. A silence came over the normally loud and active school bus. On to the bus, came Bradley, the new kid.

Bradley’s clothes were all ill fitting and clearly second hand. He shyly boarded the bus uncertain of what was going to happen today. He knew no one and given his past history, was terrified to make any friends.

That was short lived as Albert and Dhaaril quickly moved near him, wanting to know all about him. Other teens on the bus were not so kind.

First was Moe Stewart and Liam Douglas who saw an opportunity to score points with the rest of the team but Bobby used his muscle and intimidation to hold him back.

“What the fuck is your problem”

He wasn’t the only one who wanted to give this dorky weird kid from the murder house grief and the stress of a thousand questions caused Bradley to scream “STOP!”

Time seemed to freeze for a full second, and then resumed quickly, the bus froze from its normal street speed on a dime lurching everyone forward violently.

Groucho, the harsh bus driver was at a loss as to what the bus just hit on the empty road in front of him, but eventually, the bus resumed its journey and the kids made it to first period Math with Ms. Lemon


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